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Dr. Craig Springate
School education completed in Durban and attended medical school at UCT qualifying in 1986.
Spent time in Canada before joining the Sharks as a team physician for 6 years and thereafter was appointed team physician for the Springbok U19 RWC in Wales and France and for the US team in South Africa.
Currently run a hyperbaric oxygen therapy and wound care unit at St Augustines Hospital where I do minor surgical cases and emergency medicine shifts as well.
Have a general family medicine interest, wellness medical and ultrasound diagnostics.
Married with children.
Sporting interests :- paddling, mountain bike riding, horse riding and adventure travel.


Clinton qualified as a physiotherapist in Durban in 1989 and went on to do his Sports Medicine Honours Degree full time in 1991 with Prof. Tim Noakes in Cape Town, following his 1 year military service in 1990.

During his 1990 year he was the sharks team physiotherapist. He then travelled to the UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand for 4 and a half years working at sport medicine clinics in each country.

On his return to South Africa, Clinton set up a Multidisciplinary Sport Clinic in Durban 17 years ago, which services many elite and recreational sports people. Over their 17 years of practice they have looked after many sporting codes: Sharks Rugby, Premier Soccer sides, KZN and international athletes, hockey, swimming, cyclists, cricket teams.

Clinton is a passionate individual who has rehabilitated many athletes and enhanced performance in these individuals and many sporting teams. He plays an integral part in Kings Park Sport Medicine Centre multidisciplinary approach to treatment and rehab.



Kelley qualified as a Bsc. Physiotherapist in 2014 at The University of the Western Cape in Cape Town. She spent one year doing her community service at Catherine Booth hospital in Zululand and completed it in 2015.

She has completed level 1 and 2 of the Dry needling course and has done a course on Achilles tendinopathy.

She enjoys dancing and did modern dancing for 10 years and hip hop for 3 years as well as various other sports. She has completed two half two oceans marathons, the Midmar mile and the Warrior and Impi challenge.

She has travelled extensively overseas and brings a wealth of enthusiasm to the medical centre.

She currently operates between Mount Edgecombe country estate and Lion match Business Park.


Melissa graduated from Stellenbosch University in 2015 with a BSc of Physiotherapy. She then completed her year of Community Service at Eshowe District Hospital in Northern KZN. While studying she was involved as a volunteer at many sporting events including The Cape Cycle Tour, Wine to Whales and the Cape Epic. She also represented her university at the Comrades marathon in 2015 at one of the physio stations on route.

Melissa is qualified in dry needling and is experienced in various taping techniques and rehabilitation protocols. She uses a holistic approach in all treatment planning.

Melissa is passionate about health, fitness and exercise. She enjoys being active and regularly participates in many types of sporting events such as triathlons, mountain biking, trail and road running.



Yorke graduated as a Physiotherapist from UKZN in 2016. She then completed her year of community service in a rural hospital in Northern KZN and thereafter joined the Kings Park Sports Medicine team. She practices from KPMED as well as GoHealth Gym.

Yorke is qualified in dry needling and kinesio taping. She is a qualified matwork pilates instructor and currently instructs classes at Core Medical Centre in Durban North. Yorke is currently completing a year long postgraduate course in Orthopedic Manipulative Therapy.

Yorke has a passion for sport and has competed competitively in swimming, lifesaving and hockey. She currently plays for Riverside ladies hockey team and the KZN Raiders team. She enjoys being outdoors and participating in activities such as golf, scuba diving and running.


Michelle Saunders graduated from the University of Cape Town in 2002, before completing her year of community service in a government hospital in rural KZN. She has been a part of the KPSMC team since 2004. In her early years of practicing physiotherapy Michelle spent time working both in private practice, treating a variety of athletes at different levels of performance, as well as general outpatients and rehabilitation work. She was also involved in the medical management of sports teams both at a club and amateur provincial level. She competed socially in river and surfski paddling, swimming, running and mountain biking events.

In 2009 Michelle completed a year long postgraduate course in orthopaedic manual therapy, and in 2011 her training as a Pilate’s instructor in the New York Method, which has been complementary to her physiotherapy practice.

With 3 young children, Michelle now works part time at the Lion Match Office Park premises. She keeps fit with cross training workouts, and a variety of outdoor activities. She continues to regularly attend courses related to her field of special interest in orthopaedic manual therapy.


Timothy qualified as a Physiotherapist in 2004 from the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal. He went onto complete a year of community service at Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital in 2005. In 2007, he relocated to Cape Town and began clinical supervision and tutoring at the University of Cape Town whilst enrolled in the Masters in Sports Physiotherapy degree (which was completed in 2012). He also began his football career as Team Physiotherapist for the following clubs:

Ajax Cape Town Football Club (2007-2008)
Free State Stars Football Club (2008-2012)
University of Pretoria Football Club (2012-2016)
Bengaluru Football Club (2016-2017)
Royal Eagles Football Club (2017-2018)

He has also managed injuries in a variety of other sporting codes including rugby (Sharks ladies), netball, running, cycling, weightlifting and volleyball. He was recently selected as part of the Medical staff for Team South Africa for the Zone 5 Youth Games (Gaborone). Timothy has an interest in strength training and is passionate about rehabilitation and returning his clients to pain-free function.


Sean qualified as a Physiotherapist from University of the Free State in 2014.
He completed his community service year at Estcourt Hospital in KZN.

He is qualified in dry needling, various taping principles and exercise courses.

Sean is passionate about rehabilitation for acute and chronic conditions through evidence based practice.


Originally from Zimbabwe, Dr Jordan came to South Africa in 1999 to study chiropractic and subsequently qualified from the Durban University of Technology in 2009. He chose to remain and establish his practice in SA after getting married in 2002 and he boasts a beautiful wife and 5 year old daughter. He has also worked as a personal trainer for the past 8 years which has afforded him a great deal of experience in sports and physical training related injuries. This expertise also facilitated his Master’s thesis which was focused on the Chiropractic treatment of shoulder injuries in body builders.

Dr Warren enjoys a holistic approach to the overall wellness of every patient ensuring that they are fully educated on their condition as well as referring on to other therapists should a multidisciplinary approach be warranted. His patients range from 3 month old babies with colic to 80 year olds with osteoarthritis. For a compassionate and competent Chiropractor, please don't hesitate to give Dr Warren a call.



Dr Charlton Butt qualified as a Chiropractor in 2008 from the Durban University of Technology. Charlton completed his Masters degree by researching the relationship between rugby coaches, players, injuries and Chiropractic. Dr Butt also holds a B-Com from UKZN.

Dr Butt runs a family practice with patients ranging from as young as one week old to 93 years old; focusing on patients with short and long term spinal pain and conditions and the management thereof. He has an in-depth knowledge of the spine and spinal injuries and experience in treating them. Dr Butt does however have a special interest in sports injuries, in particular those related to rugby, gym, golf and running. Dr Butt has an extensive knowledge and experience in treating injuries within these sports.

Charlton has played rugby at Premier and higher level and still plays rugby for Crusaders in Durban North and for the S.A. Legends. He is active at gym in weight lifting, road running, surfing and golf. Charlton also enjoys 4x4 off road trails and jet skiing
Charlton has worked with teams and sportsmen and women from all sports disciplines and at all levels ranging from school level to club and provincial. He has extensive knowledge in a vast array of sports injuries. His patients have competed in the Duzi; Comerades; rugby, tennis and cricket at the highest level; Two Oceans Marathon; and represented South Africa in body building events, to mention a few. Charlton is passionate about improving his patients’ performance in their chosen sports as well as keeping those injured “in the game”.


Lynne Mackey studied a degree in sport science at the University of Kwa-zulu Natal, followed by honours in Biokinetics. She did her first year of internship with Jimmy Wright at the Sharks Medical Centre.

Her passion for surfing has led her to compete on the South African surf tour. She thrives on being able to help individuals struggling with injuries to regain their strength and to help them return to their sport or just helping sedentary patients to live a more functional painfree life.

Matt Wickham graduated from University of Stellenbosch with a BSc in Sport science in 2012. He then went on to continue to achieve his Honours degree in Biokinetics in 2013.

He completed his Internship with Jimmy wright and Associates gaining experience with professional sporting teams as well as clinical private practices.
Matt has a keen eye for fitness having coached cyclists a
nd triathletes in a high performance setting for 4years whilst practicing. He has also completed multiple sporting events, including Back to Back Comrades Marathons, Ironman SA Champs, multiple half Ironman distance triathlons and multiple Warrior Race Obstacle Courses amongst a variety of short races.

Matt has a passion for injury rehab and to return to sport post injury. He strives to get his clients to live a stronger, fitter, healthier lifestyle and his friendly nature provides encouragement to have the confidence to do so.



My areas of interest lie in preventative medicine (prehab), spine- related injury/pain and running-related injuries (special focus on biomechanics, forces and loading during running). This by no means will exclude any injury/ condition that can benefit from physical rehabilitation.

My sporting, academic and clinical experience informs my rehabilitation approach ( > 10 yrs).

In a clinical setting, my rehabilitation plan is determined by a collection of both objective and subjective information in the initial assessment (ViMove wearable technology is used for running analysis).

My approach is that "no injury/ pain syndrome is insignificant or too complicated. If there is a problem linked to your musculoskeletal system, there has to be a solution. It may just mean moving away from the usual approach and looking at it from a different angle"


Patrick Frickel is the resident sport masseur at KPMED. He is passionate about his work and provides 100% effort in making sure his clients' bodies are kept in tiptop shape allowing them to perform at their best.

Patrick works closely with other medical professionals such as biokineticists, physiotherapists and chiropractors in a holistic manner to provide the best treatment possible.

Numerous studies have shown the benefits of massage in preventing injury, improving muscle flexibility, reducing fatigue and improving endurance.

Click HERE for more information and package specials


Margaryta Garibian did her ITEC Diploma in Holistic massage in 2011 at the Beauty Specialist Training Centre in Durban.

During 2012 to 2014 she qualified in the following disciplines:
Hot Stone Massage
Pregnancy Massage
Therapeutic Reflexology
Therapeutic Aromatherapy
Sports Massage

In 2015 Ryta did her anti cellulite massage qualification at the Beauty School of Svetlana Harchenko in Ukraine her home country. In 2012 she set up her own massage practice and joined the KPSMC team in 2017.
Ryta is passionate about her job and has gained experience in South Africa and Eastern Europe.
Her hobby is running and she is competing in local running events.

Ryta has been treating elite athletes who participated in the Olympic games, IAAF, Comrades Marathon, etc.
She has worked at numerous sport evets, such as the Dusi, Toyota warrior, Iron man.


Fascia is the interconnected web that runs through and around the entire body. It surrounds muscles as individuals, groups of muscles, nerves, blood vessel and organs like cling wrap. The Individual layers – superficial, deep and visceral – continue uninterrupted throughout the body.

A unique, safe and extremely effective form of therapy, aimed at creating as little pain as possible so as to not form more trauma in the body.

This is a hands-on technique that involves applying gentle, sustained pressure into the fascia connective tissue restrictions to eliminate pain and restore motion.

Assisting in improving sports performance, everyday activities, digestion and treating injuries in short time. Increase of energy and blood flow, improve muscle movement from scar tissue that’s restricts muscle movement (including Caesar and scope scars).


At Beauty Within, we don’t believe in “standards of beauty” and media-driven ideas of what beauty should look like. Instead, we understand that true beauty lies within the uniqueness of each of us; that we all radiate from within; that perfection, like ideals and standards, are subjective. This philosophy forms the heart of everything we do and is the reason why we don’t subscribe to a one-size-fits-all treatment policy. Rather, we tailor our range of beauty, health and wellness treatments to each client, helping enhance their individual sparkle and magnificence. It’s what our clients, who have been coming to us for more than two decades, love about us the most!



Rehana Mahomed qualified as a Social Worker in 2000 at the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal. She completed her Masters in Social Work in 2006. Rehana has over 18 years of therapeutic experience with children, teenagers and adults. She has developed specific skills from working at various welfare organizations, schools/universities and corporates. She has extensive experience working with children, adolescents and adult survivors of sexual abuse and trauma. Rehana is involved in the assessment and treatment of children who have experienced trauma from abuse, disability, divorce, neglect and death of a loved one. She provides therapy for children and teenagers with poor self-esteem, suicidal tendencies and self-harm behavior. Rehana also provides counselling to adults for depression, stress management, anger management, relationship difficulties, grief, coping with disability, illness and trauma.

Areas of Specialty/Highlights
- Counselling to children (play therapy), adolescents and adults
- Couple counselling and marital therapy
- Loss and Bereavement counselling
- Parental support and guidance
- Trauma Debriefing
- Coping with Disability or serious illness
- Coping with Divorce
- Domestic Violence
- Employee Assistance Programs
- Academic: Social Work Supervisor/Mentor, Lecturer, Assessor, Moderator

Rehana offers a safe, supportive and nonjudgmental environment that facilitates healing and closure.

Cell: 0731817964 Email: rehanapvt@gmail.com


Have you noticed that life doesn't always go according to plan?

Sometimes it can be the big things that get us down- the breakdown of a relationship, losing a loved one, the loss of a job or someone you love falling sick.
Or sometimes the things we desperately want in our life - that great partner, children, that amazing job - don't come to us in the way we'd hoped they would.
Other times we might experience depression or anxiety, and we might try to fix them by cutting off from the things that we value, thereby making us even more sad or worried. And many times we humans just get stuck- we lack motivation or purpose... we're low on confidence..we live on auto pilot and feel that life isn't as vital or as meaningful as we imagine it could be.

Asking for help doesn't come naturally for many of us. But speaking to a psychologist can assist you to see things from a different perspective. Therapy can be a helpful and supportive factor while you take steps towards living a life that really matters to you.

Rizwana qualified as a clinical psychologist in 2008 at the University of Kwazulu Natal. She spent one year doing her community service at Groote Schuur Hospital in Cape Town. She went into private practice in 2010 after moving back to Durban. She has been a part of the KPSMC team since 2016.

In addition to sport psychology, she has a keen interest in mood disorders, infant mental health, trauma related difficulties as well as womens mental health issues i.e. pre/post natal depression, infertility etc. She is qualfied to work with children, adolescents, adults, couples and families.


Unsightly body hair can be very upsetting and embarrassing for both men and women. Laser hair removal is considered one of the most effective treatments available today. At Kingspark Sports Medicine Centre we only provide our clients with the best. We therefore have chosen to utilise the three wavelength diode laser, ensuring safe and comfortable hair removal. It is suitable for all skin types, gives relatively fast results and no downtime after the procedure. The treatment is virtually painless and can last from a few minutes up to an hour depending on the area being treated. Laser is only effective on hair during the early growth cycle. Therefore, several treatments spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart may be required to attain effective results. The number of treatments required is dependent on a person’s hair color, coarseness of hair and hormones.


Byron Starkey qualified as a podiatrist from Technikon Witwatersrand in 2002. He went into private practice in 2003, after moving to Durban, at North Beach Medical Centre. In 2006, he left NBMC and moved to Kings Park Sports Medicine Centre.

His satellite practices are in Amanzimtoti at the Fountain Medical Centre (Winklespruit) and at Bluff Medicross. His special interests are in sports related podiatry, paediatric problems and diabetes.


Dr Moodley matriculated at Verulam Secondary High in 2007.He studied dentistry at The University of the Western Cape and qualified in 2012.

After doing his community service in 2013, he settled in Durban and opened his own dental practice in 2014 dedicated to his field of interest in Aesthetic dentistry. He obtained a certificate in Botox and Dermal Fillers in 2015 and offers a holistic approach to treating his dental patients. He is passionate about sports, and is a huge fan of the SA CRICKET TEAM.

Dr Moodley is currently studying part-time through UWC to obtain a PDD in implantology.


I am a Registered Dietitian with a passion for healthy eating and lifestyle. I have a BSC Medical Honours Degree in Nutrition & Dietetics from The University Of Cape Town, and completed my undergraduate degree majoring in Human Kinetics & Ergonomics (HKE) and Psychology at Rhodes University. I also have a Diploma in Sports Nutrition through The International Olympic Committee. My primary interests are in general healthy eating, sports nutrition, disordered eating and DNA nutrition.

Sports Nutrition
My Undergraduate degree in Human Kinetics stimulated my interest in sports nutrition and the importance of nutrition for exercise and performance. After finishing my dietetics degree I completed the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Diploma in Sports Nutrition to specialise in the sports nutrition field. I am passionate about exercise and fitness and practice what I preach with regards to training and nutrition. I am a qualified spinning and kettlebel instructor and have completed a short course on exercise prescription in chronic diseases and special populations through Witwatersrand University.

Disordered Eating
I see food as nourishing and something that should be enjoyed not feared. I don’t see ‘healthy’ as being low calorie, but being the most nutritious option. I follow the intuitive eating principles and give focus to foods that make us feel good and that are enjoyed. I followed up my interest in eating disorders by doing further short courses on emotional eating, binge eating & bulimia nervosa.

DNA Nutrition
There is nothing more personalised than your specific genetic make up. There are now tests available where we can look at your specific DNA to predict your risk of developing chronic diseases. We can then advise on specific lifestyle and dietary interventions to help to reduce your risk of developing these diseases. I am currently enrolled in the Manuka course in Nutrigenomics.


Richelle Cavanagh is a registered, private practicing dietician. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in dietetics and a Post Graduate diploma in dietetics in 2005. Richelle has experience working in both government and private medical institutions but found her niche in private practice consulting. She is passionate about helping people achieve their goals in a sustainable way and believes that nutrition is the cornerstone of health, but that all areas of one’s life – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually need to be in balance.

Richelle’s main areas of service include general healthy eating, weight management, gastrointestinal health - specifically IBS, and lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol. She looks at her client’s lifestyle, likes and dislikes and offers advice best tailored to suit each individual’s needs.

Richelle is registered with the HPCSA, is a member of the South African Dietetics Association (ADSA) and is an EATFIT Approved Dietician.


Zahira Rawat is the Senior Optometrist at Kings Park Optometrist. In 2015, she graduated from UKZN with a Honors Degree in Bachelor of Optometry. Zahira has since worked in various private and public sector optometry practices, which gives her vast experience in dealing with common and complex visual problems. She takes a keen interest in contact lens fitting as well as paediatric and low vision testing.

At Kings Park Optometrist, Zahira wishes to improve lives by educating patients on their eye health and providing them with the best vision solutions to suite their lifestyle.

Services offered include:
• Comprehensive eye exam
• Contact lens fitting
• Glaucoma Testing
• Paediatric eye exam
• Low vision eye exam
• Detection of eye disease
• Sunglass and spectacle sales
• Repairs of spectacles

Zahira offers a warm and inviting environment at her practice and is always available to answer any eye related questions. Email: kingsparkoptom@gmail.com


I am an intuitive quantum therapist.

I've been an optometrist for 26 years and I love it to bits but since 2015,I've developed a different love.This i did not study,I one day realised that could telepathically sense if a person was not in energetic alignment.In simple terms if they were stressed in any way.Not only that, I could then align them through quantum therapy.This is a process whereby the conscious mind,that stresses shuts down, and the subconscious is then be accessed and reprogrammed with a sense of peace.
Everything is energy, so if you are stressed due to financial difficulties,or relationship or health problems,I can help.

My sessions are usually an hr and after one session,you will find a sense of relief,and often be guided as to what you need to do. I do offer 10 session courses and the change in people have been just absolutely amazing,!Lots of people after seeing me have noticed a difference in their life so I can just end with saying..be the change that you want to see...change yourself...change your life.


Ashnie Maharaj graduated with a B.Sc. Occupational Therapy at the University of the Witwatersrand in 2004, and completed her community service year at King Edward VIII Hospital in 2005. In addition, she obtained a post-graduate Diploma in Vocational Rehabilitation at the University of Pretoria in November 2010 and certification as a Workwell Therapist in 2013. Ashnie has also completed the AMA 6th edition training in 2014.

Ashnie began her clinical career at King Edward VIII Teaching Hospital in 2005 where she later fulfilled the role of an acting Occupational Therapy Manager. Ashnie also served as a Guest Lecturer at the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal, Faculty of Occupational Therapy. She then relocated to Gauteng where she gained experience as a Senior Disability Claims Consultant and independent Functional Capacity Evaluation Provider at the Soma Initiative and Negotiated Benefit Consultant Holdings (NBC) from 2008 until 2013.

Ashnie Maharaj has successfully managed her practice from 2006 to date, focusing on Functional Capacity Evaluations in the Insurance and Medico-legal Sector, Case Management, Return to Work programmes as well as Adult and Paediatric Assessment and Therapy. Ashnie Maharaj Occupational Therapists is privileged to have received a Level 3 BEE accredited EME through Empowerdex.


Debbie Majoor offers the very best to her clients. She equips them with the knowledge and skills to achieve their health and fitness goals on a realistic level. She is supportive and committed to ensuring each client's expectations are not only met but exceeded.

Debbie has worked with a wide range of clients in different age brackets and seen fantastic results in all. Learn how to live a clean lifestyle through healthy choices, frequent training and constant motivation.
Debbie's Skills:
- Functional training
- Weight management
- Toning & shaping
- menopause
- Stretching & flexibility

Diploma in Fitness Personal Trainer - Institute of Fitness Professionals

Debbie Majoor - Personal Trainer Facebook page & itrainwithdebbie on Instagram.

Train one on one or in groups of two . Book your slots and get in touch with Debbie on 0834561418 / debbiemajoor28@hotmail.com


Surina is responsible for daily running of the practice as well as the financial administration. She oversees the management of the reception area, requirements of the various professional staff as well as the financial aspects required to run the practice.

She has been with the practice since 2003 and ensures the smooth running of the medical centre.

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