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Our team of physiotherapists are very hands-on as we believe this approach is essential in delivering the desired results.

We treat a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions and specialise in sports injuries, spinal conditions of the neck and back, headaches, post-operative rehabilitation as well as general maintenance and conditioning of athletes.

Our typical treatment will consist of a hands-on soft tissue release as well as a joint mobilisation or manipulation. We normally combine electrotherapy or acupuncture to the treatment depending on the condition.

A comprehensive assessment is given in the first session and exercise prescriptions are given in the following sessions. Patients may then be referred to the Biokineticist.

Physio services:

- Physiotherapy: all Physio services & modalities
- Pain relief
- Sports injury treatment
- Full body maintenance
- Sports recovery treatment
- Acupunture
- Cupping
- Children’s treatment
- Performance training
- Cryosauna
- Shockwave therapy
- Hydrotherapy
- Injury rehabilitation

  • Full Body Maintenance

  • This 1-hour session incorporates:
    Deep Tissue Massage, Joint Mobilisation, Acupuncture & Stretching

  • Sports Recovery / Lymphatic Drainage

  • Our 1-hour recovery session incorporates:
    - Compression Boots: (intermittent pneumatic compression) - 20 mins
    - Neck & Back: Infrared therapy with acupuncture or cupping - 15mins
    - 20 mins leg massage
    - Stretching & foam rolling if needed

    Effects of above:

    - Increased limb blood flow
    - Reduced recovery time from DOMS
    - Flush waste buildup in cells & relieve muscle soreness
    - Enhance lymphatic drainage
    - Relieve muscle tension
    - Promote cell repair
    - Loosen adhesions & revitalize connective tissue

    Conditions treated:

    - All sporting injuries
    - Neck pain and headaches
    - Post-op Rehabilitation
    - Shoulder pain
    - Arm and hand strains
    - back pain and disc prolapse
    - Hip and groin pains
    - Knee pain
    - Foot and ankle pain
    - Muscle strains and tears
    - Tendon and ligament injuries
    - Arthritis
    - Sciatica
    - Overuse injuries
    - Poor posture (core stabilization)
    - General maintenance and advice

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