The Effect of Lumbar Support on the Ultrasound

Worldwide, low back pain (LBP) is an extremely common and economically costly condition. Although most symptoms subside by 3 months, chronic LBP (ie, pain lasting>3 months) is emotionally and economically taxing on patients and health care systems. Evidence-based clinical guidelines have suggested various interventions for the prevention and treatment of LBP. To this end, lumbar belts are commonly used for therapeutic and preventive purposes in clinical practice. However, the mechanism of action of lumbar belts in the prevention and treatment of LBP is still uncertain. Although evidence indicates that lumbar belts are not effective in reducing muscle fatigue and low back injuries, Cholewicki et al showed that wearing lumbar belts can increase lumbar stability and suggested that this outcome might explain the preventive and therapeutic role of lumbar belts for patients with LBP.

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