TENDINOSIS: Unique Effective Treatment

Article by:Clinton Grobbelaar

This condition is relatively common and affects mainly the elbow (tennis and golfers elbow), knee(patella tendon), achilles tendon and hamstring tendons.

It is a degenerative condition that normally occurs due to repetitive overuse. This chronic injury may take anything from a few weeks to a few years to typically resolve, if ever. We are able to intervene with our specialised treatment at any stage.

TendinOSIS typically differs from a tendonITIS in the length of healing time. OSIS is degenerative and takes a long time to resolve, whereas ITIS is more acute and inflammatory and should resolve much quicker.

These chronic tendinosis conditions including plantarfasciitis, ITB of the knee, calcific conditions of the shoulder rotator cuff are treated at our clinic in a “unique” and effective manner.

The physiotherapists use an “Extracorporial Shockwave Machine” which helps resolve the pain and swelling in the area and reintroduce blood supply back into the degenerative area. It is accompanied with dry needling techniques and eccentric exercises to help heal and strengthen the tendon.

We have been practicing this technology at our clinic for 5 years already with excellent results. At present there are only 3 machines of it’s kind in the country, although it has been in use overseas for 15 years. Many professional rugby, soccer, golf, tennis and squash players have had great success with ” Shockwave Therapy”.

Our doctor has recently begun administering “Blood Injections” into the tendinosed areas, combined with Shockwave.

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