Free Diving With Sharks






Free Diving With Sharks
Two weekends ago i went free diving with Olivia Symcox from Extreme Sports Angling (ESA); the dive was led by shark diving specialist and shark expert Mark Addison from Blue Wilderness. The experience was amazing. As a surfer I have always been fearfull of sharks, but after freely swimming amongst these predators I have a newfound respect for them. The sharks physiques were beautiful and the way they glided through the water was amazing to just sit back and watch. The black tip sharks were curious of us and yet quite shy of us at the same time. The sharks seemed intimidated by us rather than the other way around and any sudden movement or noise from us would send them scurrying away.

On our way back to shore we spotted and swam with 3 whale sharks. I could not get over the size and yet gentleness of these sharks. They were literally 25ft (7.6m) long buses that you could swim with carefree. Blue Wilderness is situated in Rocky Bay on the South Coast, a mere hour’s drive from Durban. Log onto their website or contact Mark 0833031515 0833031515 for more information on how to go diving with sharks. Email Mark or Gail at

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Written by Lynne Mackey – Biokineticist
Whale shark Pics by Anthony Grote

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