Crew Introductions:

Jetski Crew

– Barry Lewin
– Daryll Cullinan
– Jason Ribbink
– Lance Klusener
– Mark Addison
– Russel Symcox – Expedition Leader

Land Support

– Olivia Symcox – Media Director
– Pat Symcox – Consultant
– Sean Willis – Logistics
– Bennie Benson – Logistics
– Rob Evans – Travelling Media Liaison

C2C4C – Overview

On 20 April 2010, six adventurers on jet ski’s will travel over 2800km’s of South African coastline in order to increase awareness and raise funds for CANSA as part of the Coast 2 Coast 4 CANSA (C2C4C) campaign supported by Spar.

The pilots, Barry Lewin (SA Surfski paddler), Jason Ribbink (SA Surfing & Big Wave Rider), Lance Klusener (SA Cricketer), Daryll Cullinan (SA Cricketer), Mark Addison (Marine Conservationist) and Russel Symcox (Dolphins Cricket) will begin their journey in Ponto De Oura, Mozambique and end at the Orange River on the West Coast border of Namibia.

The 1511 nautical mile journey involves more than just the six-strong “core” jet ski crew, as they will be accompanied by four support vehicles manned by support crew members, medical and safety personnel, a television and media production crew, media liaisons and logistics co-ordinators.

During the journey, the crew will stop over in the major South African cities of Durban, East London, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town, and make use of the opportunity to promote Cancer awareness. On these particular stop over days, media interviews with local radio stations and regional or community newspapers will be facilitated through the media liaisons and, with the assistance of CANSA, educational visits to schools, hospitals, clinics and special care facilities will also be organised, all designed to promote awareness about Cancer and draw attention to the objectives of the C2C4C campaign.

For more information and to track the progress of the crew, both in the build-up and throughout the C2C4C campaign, log on to the official website at or visit the CANSA website to get the latest updates, news, pictures and videos.


The Coast 2 Coast 4 Cancer (C2C4C) campaign supported by Spar, is an expedition that intends to create awareness and educate about Cancer as well as raise further awareness and funds for CANSA.

“We as the crew wish to encourage all South Africans to have regular medical checks for early Cancer detection, give insight into the possible prevention methods and treatment options and generally promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.”

CANSA association

The Cancer Association of South Africa have adopted the C2C4C project as one of their national campaigns for 2010 and will be the sole beneficiary of all the fundraising and awareness. The C2C4C crew will be interfacing with a few of the CANSA offices en-route locations. These will be at a few of the following:

– Richards Bay
– Durban
– East London
– Port Alfred
– Port Elizabeth
– Mossel Bay
– Cape Town
– Kimberley

The C2C4C crew will also be making an appearance at Durban Relay For Life event on 17/18 April 2010 and this will increase exposure amongst CANSA and Cancer survivors.


The main objective of the C2C4C campaign is to create awareness and in order to achieve our objectives we will be attending and facilitating certain events to leverage media exposure and create further interest.

The official launch of the C2C4C campaign will be at SunCoast Casino & Entertainment World in Durban on 9 April 2010. This will be an opportunity for us to invite and interact with media, sponsors and special guests.

An association with the SA Rugby Legends who will also be hosting mini clinic events around the crew’s arrivals and departures at various locations on route and the campaign will also feature on SARLA SuperSport program.

Sharks Rugby have afforded the C2C4C campaign the opportunity to bring the jetski’s and vehicles into the stadium display area for the Sharks v Auckland Blues, Super 14 game on the 24th April in Durban and will be featuring the C2C4C video clip on the big screen before the game and during halftime breaks.

Oakley will be the official eyewear supplier to the C2C4C campaign and in light of this the crew will include a stop-over in Port Alfred to join in the launching of the Oakley Pro Junior which is an international surf event and the campaign will no doubt benefit from the global exposure opportunity.

Through the C2C4C media liaison, various media opportunities have also secured, which include the opportunity to broadcast the C2C4C video clip on the SAA in-flight entertainment segments and in-flight magazines. There are several other secured radio (Darren Scott, East Coast Radio daily update), print media and TV news/sport segments (Etv, SABC and BBC) too. The entire expedition will be filmed and produced into a broadcast package for either SuperSport or other channels after the trip.

Various celebrities including Derek Watts, Rob Louw, John Allan, Wayne Fyvie, Shaun Pollock, Dave Callaghan, Dan Nicholl, Darren Scott and several others are all showing their support by being involved in the campaign on various levels. The C2C4C campaign aims to get a really positive message throughout all of South Africa and make a meaningful difference in the fight against cancer!

The C2C4C crew will also be attending certain sponsors functions and will aim to maximise brand exposure for the valued sponsors throughout the campaign.

There will also be a C2C4C closing function at SunCoast Casino and Entertainment World in Durban upon the crew’s return on 18 May 2010.


The main objective of the C2C4C campaign will be to create the necessary awareness for the campaign but we will also be establishing a few fundraising opportunities. These ventures will not be limited and listed below are just a few examples of what we as the C2C4C crew will be implementing within the campaign:

– Website donations
– Phone pledges
– SMS donations (sms “C2C4C” to 38501 for R10 donation)
– DVD sales
– Book sales
– C2C4C Beaded bracelet sales
– Sponsor donations & presentations
– Memorabilia auctions
– Business sponsorship challenges

Other ideas that need to be further explored are golf days, charity dinners and lucky draws.


Below are a few of the exposure opportunities sponsors will benefit from by being involved in the C2C4C campaign and the entire crew will try to maximise every opportunity for exposure.

These exposure opportunities will be available to select sponsors and in accordance with sponsorship input values.

– Television & Radio branding
– Print media & press releases
– Website branding and links
– DVD production branding
– Launch function branding
– Landing functions branding
– Final function branding
– Sponsor marketing & PR functions
– Jet ski branding
– Support vehicle branding
– Jet ski trailer branding
– Apparel branding

Sponsorship opportunities and proposals will be compiled for any prospective sponsors. These sponsorship opportunities can be in the form of financial contributions and product supply.


A fully comprehensive website is active and will begin featuring a daily updated blog type entry, pictures and video clips from the days ride.

Sponsors will have links to their site and media will have access to further information. The exact locations, maps and charts will also be available for everyone to follow the crew’s progress.

There will be an online donation link to the CANSA provided facility and all visitors to the web site will be encouraged to donate as much as possible.

C2C4C jet ski crew member and marine conservationist, Mark Addison will be conducting a marine census throughout the trip and a special feature will be included to document any environmental and marine life encounters on route.

The Coast 2 Coast 4 CANSA Facebook group and Twitter pages are also active and regular updates are available.


For more information about C2C4C, sponsorship and opportunities to get involved, contact expedition leader and event organiser, Russel Symcox +27 83 353 9986 or

For further media information and details please contact Olivia Jones Communications, or

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