Bridgette Hartley – London Olympics

Bridgitte Hartley saying goodbye as she left for the London Olympics a few weeks ago

Dr. Stuart Clifton
M.Tech (Chiro) SA

Well the London Olympics are a month away. For Bridgitte Hartley, as she winds her training in the next few weeks down it’s been a far longer journey than that. Having qualified at the ICF World Championships in September 2011, Bridgitte started her Olympic build up in November last year, and has lead a largely solo journey to the Olympics since then. She has spent weeks corresponding with her coach in a different country and apart from the odd session has spent hours in solitude on the water as there simply isn’t anyone good enough and willing to train hard enough to keep her company

As a fellow paddler who knows how hard she works, and as a Sports Chiropractor, who knows what it takes to get into the tip top physical condition that gets and athlete within shouting distance of an Olympic final and hopefully a medal, I wish her all the very best. Hopefully her visits to the Chiro office at KPSMC have helped along the way (and I’m sure there are others who have helped too), but most of the credit must go to Bridgitte herself.

Bridgitte’s 500m K1 Woman’s final is on Aug 9th- that’s Woman’s day! Here’s to hoping it’s a good omen for a South African to be be competing for Olympic glory on that day.

Hamba Kahle Bridgitte. There will be lots of people willing you on back home.
Paddle hard, race well, and most of all enjoy every minute of it!

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