I am an intuitive quantum therapist.

I’ve been an optometrist for 26 years and I love it to bits but since 2015,I’ve developed a different love.This i did not study,I one day realised that could telepathically sense if a person was not in energetic alignment.In simple terms if they were stressed in any way.Not only that, I could then align them through quantum therapy.This is a process whereby the conscious mind,that stresses shuts down, and the subconscious is then be accessed and reprogrammed with a sense of peace.
Everything is energy, so if you are stressed due to financial difficulties,or relationship or health problems,I can help.

My sessions are usually an hr and after one session,you will find a sense of relief,and often be guided as to what you need to do. I do offer 10 session courses and the change in people have been just absolutely amazing,!Lots of people after seeing me have noticed a difference in their life so I can just end with saying..be the change that you want to see…change yourself…change your life.

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