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Massage Times

The masseur is available from 7am weekdays with the last appointment commencing at 5pm. The massage facility is open on most Saturdays until 12 noon.

Massage Rate

Our once off 1 hour massage costs R400. However our clients prefer taking a number of massages at a time.  This package rate enable you to have regular massage sessions at an affordable price. The package fee must be paid on the first visit or by EFT. If you would like to evaluate the service first, please discuss the rates with the masseur.
Number # Massage Price Total Discount
1 1 hour 400 400 n/a
4 1 hour 340 1,360 15%
6 1 hour 320 1,920 20%
8 1 hour 300 2,400 25%
10 1 hour 280 2,800 30%

Benefits of Massage

Sport massage should play a role in all athlete’s training regimes, whether you are a world-class professional or a committed weekend warrior. Massage as a number of physical benefits:

  • Prevention of injuries
  • Improve range of motion
  • boost performance
  • Improve circulation
  • Improve muscle pliability and flexibility
  • reduces fatigue and improves endurance

Numerous studies testify to the benefits of pre-training, post-training and maintenance massage.


Below find a sample of the many testimonials from our clients:

“The most professional team… and I mean team. I had massages/ therapies for almost every week at other places for years now, but in the short duration with Kings Park i have never had such results as I am getting.”
Michael M

“Great massage, amazing service. Very happy”
Judy G

“Hi Patrick, I’m amazed – felt instant relief yesterday”
Margot S

“Thank you for your professional caring service”
Brad K

“Thanks for the “magic hands” treatment”
Hayley A – World Cup Paddler

Stretching Resources

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Hip Stretches

An often neglected area of athletes to stretch is the hip muscles. Not taking care of these muscles can lead to all sorts of complications such ITB syndrome, lower back pain and knee pain. Doing a good quality Glut/TFL stretch is critical after EVERY training session.

The video below has an interesting take on a TFL stretch that is working for me.

Remember that stretches must NOT be painful and should be held for at least 30 seconds.

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