Clinical reasoning framework for thoracic spine exercise prescription in sport

As the link between the lumbar and cervical regions, the thoracic spine is a critical component of the kinetic chain during sport. However, it is not well studied in the scientific literature. This systematic review searched the available literature as well as social media to create a compendium of thoracic spine exercises for athletes. The authors categorized the exercises based…

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Weight Training Stunts Growth

Weight Training Stunts Growth – An Evidence-Based Myth Buster There is a widely held belief that weights training, when performed during puberty/adolescence, can stunt ones growth by damaging their growth plates. Because of this, it is suggested that children and adolescents should only perform body weight exercises and not use any external loading (dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells) during this time of…

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Corrective Posture Exercise

Corrective exercise: what are we correcting?     For some reason I keep receiving emails extoling the virtues of ‘corrective exercise’. Whenever I hear the term ‘corrective exercise’ the question that always pops into my head is “what the hell are we correcting?” especially as ‘corrective’ exercise is often touted as alleviating or eliminating pain and preventing injury. Over the…

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ACL Injury Reconstruction

BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE The harsh reality for individuals who sustain an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) rupture is that their risk of developing knee osteoarthritis (OA) increases substantially (1). Although quadriceps weakness is a risk factor for developing OA, the relationship between other functional performance tasks and early onset of OA is unknown (2). The primary objective of this study was…

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