The Importance Of Recovery

The body adapts to the demands imposed on it from exercise and training in general. Whilst a lot of us are adapting to the new conditions and restrictions at the moment, it is crucial to stay physically active. Whatever your choice of activity may be, remember that consistency is the key. As your body adapts, there may come times when a little assistance is needed to help with the repair and recovery process. This can often occur after more intense sessions or higher amount of overall work (higher repetitions, reducing the rest time between exercises or sets, adding an extra training session into the routine). The most crucial factors to assist recovery from exercise are adequate sleep, good nutrition and hydration levels. When you have checked all these boxes but are still finding it difficult to perform your training, other forms of recovery should be considered to restore muscle function and aid performance.

There is a growing body of evidence for the use of external pneumatic compression devices, commonly referred to as Recovery Boots. The “boots” are basically sleeves into which each of the legs is zipped into from the toes up to the groin. They are connected to a compressor which automatically controls the sequence of inflating each of the cuffs- starting from the toes and going upward towards the groin and hip, and finally deflating all the cuffs. The cycle repeats for at least 20 minutes. Recovery boots are especially useful for recovery from activities which involve the legs (such as jogging/running, cycling, swimming, gym based leg strength training and for all sports that involve some form of running such as football, rugby, hockey, track & field based athletics to mention a few). At the Kings Park Sports Medicine Centre, we have the NormaTec System (a specialised form of the Recovery Boots), which has been shown to:

  • increase muscle blood flow
  • improve joint and muscle flexibility
  • speed up removal of swelling after exercise
  • reduce lactic acid build-up in muscles
  • reduce muscular pain and stiffness
  • improve exercise performance and reduce fatigue

In addition to the NormaTec System, we also offer the Hyperice Vyper foam roller to further assist with recovery. The Vyper is an electronic foam roller which has variable vibration which you can control according to your comfort. It has all the benefits of traditional foam rolling with the added beneficial massage effect of vibration, which greatly improves circulation, reduces pain from stiff or sore muscles and is easier to use. There is also evidence to show that it can increase muscle and joint range of motion by up to 40% from a single use.

Training methods are constantly advancing and improving. The body can adapt to become fitter and stronger, but sometimes normal recovery methods just aren’t enough. We at Kings Park Sports Medicine Centre feel that you should have access to cutting edge, scientifically researched and specialised recovery equipment to keep you at your peak performance.

Timothy Vadachalam
Kings Park Sports Medicine Centre

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