Do I really need REST?

For any athlete be it a weekend warrior, fitness fanatic, Strava record holder or Professional an injury can be devastating and more than a little frustrating. The major cause of frustration for most, besides being in pain, is the fact that they are unable to do the training or racing they had planned. That dreaded word from your healthcare professional – Rest. Thankfully in recent years the general assumption that all injuries need complete rest and no training has been disproven time and time again. This is not to say that one can simply continue as planned, however there is enough evidence out there to show that load modification is far better than complete load removal. In other words its paramount that you and your healthcare provider work together to create a training plan that allows you to keep active and working towards your goals in a way that won’t be detrimental to your condition. It might mean complete rest from a particular activity or movement for a period of time but it should never mean you are stuck with no goals to chase. These periods of injury are a great opportunity to work on the factors which are usually neglected. Examples of this can be strength or mobility components for your endurance athletes, upper body and core in a runner or more endurance and a bigger engine in a Soccer player. In summary if you are completely honest and open with your HCP and work with them you can find a happy medium of still being active while you recover from your injury.

Melissa Abbey
Physiotherapist (and Endurance addict )

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