CHIROPRACTIC : It’s Never Too Early

The beauty of Chiropractic is the fact that it naturally restores the communication pathways between the brain and the body, thereby restoring normal nervous system function. This in turn unlocks optimal wellness and peak performance in individuals, no matter how young.

Children develop through touch, taste, sight, smell and hearing. All of these require an optimally functioning nervous system. The good news is that chiropractic treatment is safe from within the first few weeks after birth.  Specially adapted techniques are applied in accordance with the age of the child i.e. a soft pressure is applied to make gentle adjustments. The treatment is gentle and safe and the benefits are relevant for babies born via C-section or natural birth.

The following are common conditions that parents consult chiropractors for:

  • chronic fussiness or irritability
  • impaired suckling; colic and/or acid reflux
  • slow digestive system
  • recurring ear infections
  • breathing difficulties
  • sleep issues
  • poor coordination
  • hyperactivity
  • poor concentration
  • sensitivity to environmental noise

Although chiropractors can help to improve or resolve many of these issues, they are not qualified to cure specific systemic diseases. It is therefore essential to work with your paediatrician, nurse or other healthcare provider to eliminate any other sinister causes of pain or distress.

Neonatal treatment: The birth process (both natural and C-section) can be traumatic for both mom and baby, affecting baby’s spine and nervous system. Nerve dysfunction can in turn lead to colic symptoms, reflux, or breathing and sleeping difficulties in babies. Gentle manipulations in certain key areas of your baby’s body can help to ease tension and strain, as well as correct nerve problems that may arise.

Colic may be linked to an underactive digestive system, leading to indigestion and gas build up causing bloating and pain. Your baby might pull his knees up and strain to move the gas with little success. Gentle manipulations can stimulate nerve flow to the small intestines to improve the muscular contractions required to pass liquid and gas.

Ear Infection is a common and excruciating paediatric condition. In certain cases, gentle manipulations to the vertebrae of the upper neck help to dilate the eustachian tube, which assists drainage of the middle ear. However, it’s essential to also seek medical counsel, as antibiotics are often required to resolve the infection.

General Fussiness and Irritability: Once systemic causes have been ruled out by your paediatrician, a chiropractor can address the issue from a biomechanical perspective. Mechanical restrictions in your child’s spine can lead to painful muscle spasms, headaches, increased nervous irritability, sleeping difficulties and a generally fussy and tearful disposition. By eliminating any restrictions, the chiropractor may have a positive effect on the overall wellbeing of your child.

Optimal immunity not only relies on enough rest and a healthy diet, but also on a healthy spine. The components of the immune system are all connected to its control hub (the brain) via the nervous system which runs through the spine. Any restrictions within the spine will therefore have a detrimental effect on our immunity. By maintaining optimal spinal alignment and mobility, the body is able to better engage its disease fighting elements when and where they are most needed.

Ultimate physical development: Babies are born with primary spinal curves (sacral and thoracic). In the first year of life, the spine doubles in length while the secondary curves (neck and lower back lordosis) develop. When babies starts lifting their heads the neck curve starts to develop; when learning to sit their lower back curves take shape. By maintain proper spinal alignment during these early stages, a chiropractor can contribute to optimal spinal development to ensure that growth and developmental milestones are reached.


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